Are you going to read the About page to see if this is right for you? Great move! Let’s get crystal clear.

We are only a match for a certain type of person.

This person (could be you or someone you know) doesn’t want to settle into an “ok” relationship, wants to do things differently (that could be out of the norm), and really REALLY yearns and desires to create and have their own epic love story become reality NOW (or like yesterday).

If this is you, read on…

You desire to Love and Be Loved in an extraordinary way. You are ready, able and willing to do whatever it takes to experience a fun, hot, passionate, intimate, soulful partnership. Whether you’re just starting to feel dissatisfied with your love life and dating, or if you’ve already taken the plunge into a relationship (or even married), we’re here because dreaming for an epic love story is great and all, but it’s worthless until you know how to CREATE SPACE FOR YOUR EPIC LOVE STORY TO COME TRUE.

Rose Romance Wedding

CREATING SPACE FOR LOVE is our specialty.
We help romantics get it together – from everything you need to know to get started, setting your stage for love, aligning your thoughts with your feelings (if you’re not getting what you want, something’s not aligned), attracting “the one” strategies, and everything in-between, like a 27 Day Feng Shui Love Cleanse. We are adding to our free stuff library right now. In the meantime, go play in the blog or subscribe at the right side of this page for The 9 Most Common Ways to Sabotage Your Love Life (and the cure).

Beyond our philosophies, remember that thing I mentioned about doing life differently? That’s us, and we do it every day. (Except for weekends, holidays and vacations or unless inspired). Whether we’re helping an individual Feng Shui their Love life, or leading a coaching call on how to attract and find “the one” much easier, two things are always true:

a) We’re damn good at what we do

b) Your love life and all you thought possible… Will never be the same. (Cool right?)

The Founder’s Story:

Romantic Creatrix and Founder, Romancing Life Now.

Whether you’re a new romantic wondering if you’re in over your head (you’re not), or experienced and trying to find that mystical land called happy balance, we’ll take you by your hand (if that’s ok with you), ask you to take a few deep breaths, show you how to Romance Life again–then we sit back together (virtually) and watch the beginning scenes of your epic love story (munching on our own healthy version of soda, popcorn and chocolate).
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