The Founder’s Story

Romantic Creatrix and Founder, Romancing Life Now.

Rose LeungRose Leung, is a writer, Feng Shui expert, romance coach and a holistic lifestyle consultant. She is a New Yorker by birth, a Hawaiian by heart and Chinese by soul.

Her work empowers men and women to create juicier, deeper and more intimate relationships where they discover joy in everyday life, dance with the unexpected and realize their dreams. Therefore, Feng Shui Your Love Life: Creating the Space for Your Epic Love Story to Become Reality, was born.

Rose understands that relationships can be complicated, that we have all felt hurt or misunderstood when it comes to love. In fact, when a dear friend called her “Ice Queen” many years ago, Rose realized that it was time to take the walls down around her heart and open herself up to the joys that relationships had to offer. She loves
utilizing Feng Shui because it allows people to gently and methodically begin to deal with their beliefs and fears about love, and shift them in significant ways through the Art of Placement.

Her innovative approach integrates the principles of BTB Feng Shui ,Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psychology, Aromatherapy and Creative Art Therapy. This love of learning and personal growth was born at the age of 3 when she would visit the Buddhist temple daily with her mother. Mornings were spent working in silence side by side with the monks as they fed the birds and freshened up the altars. She listened to them as they sang their morning chants and prayers, and she felt at peace. It is this feeling that is at the core of her ability to create spaces that make people feel lighter, happier, and more joyful.

Her work with clients is highly personalized and she is committed to creating deeply meaningful results for each of them. Her unique background allows her to develop playful yet powerful action plans for them to create the relationships they desire.

While based in New York, her services are available throughout the world as she works with clients over the phone or via the Internet. Utilizing Feng Shui, Rose invites harmony where there was disharmony, joy where there was sorrow, comfort where there was pain, and hope where there was despair.

Rose comes from a long lineage of healers and to this day, is very close to her family. It was with them that she first learned how to create joyful, harmonious relationships, even when it wasn’t easy. She’s learned, and now teaches, that when relationships are flowing, everything else in life does, too.

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