What clients are saying about Rose


My wife Stephanie worked with Rose and the transformations were astounding! Before working with Rose, our relationship was experiencing some friction. Rose helped Stephanie work through some triggers that were causing this, such as bringing home the masculine energy she needed to harness at work. By recognizing those triggers, Stephanie was able to get back to her core essence and feminity, we both feel more in harmony.

~ Video testimonial from Adrian Reid, Founder of Enlightened Stock Trading

Trenia ParhamRose’s Feng Shui workshop really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on my living space. It was the catalyst I needed to get rid of the old things in my home that I didn’t use or need and gave me the push I needed to create more open space and to make room only for the things I love. Now I look at the spaces around me with a new set of eyes.

~ Trenia, Dating & Love Coach



praise_hearsRose has a beautiful ability to feel, see, hold and reflect the simple and yet, profound subtle layers of her clients. Like her appropriate given name, she is a rose-elegant, sensual and graceful, while deeply rooted and grounded, filling space with extraordinary beauty while allowing, teaching and encouraging others to also bloom in the garden of life. She truly is a joy and pleasure to work with. Trust her subtle advice and watch profound shifts occur as a result. She is a stunning goddess, celebrating her unique essence and encouraging other people to do the same in her presence.

~ Kiela Mellott, CEO & Founder at Kiela’s Cabaret & Pleasure Your World


praise_hearsThe Feng Shui Your Love Life workshop was really helpful and informative. Not knowing much about feng shui, I came away with some basic knowledge as well as some tangible action steps I can work with as soon as I got home. Rose was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions in a way that was easy to understand. Look forward to the next event!

~ Yari A., Graphic + Web Designer



praise_hearsI have been fortunate to have met Rose. She has been there for me countless of times when I needed her help and proven to me her dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, intelligence, courage, patience, perseverance, motivation, and optimistic views in life. I offer high recommendations for Rose without reservation.

~ Val M., Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur



praise_hearsRose has a heart of gold which everyone who meets her for the first time will see. She is very caring, patient and knowledgeable of Chinese medicine. She has the ability to explain things with clarity. I am healthy today because of Rose’s constant coaching.

~ A. Yan, Writer in NY




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