Red Envelope Tradition

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I invite you to participate in this ancient ritual
so you can receive the highest benefits from your session.

Red Envelope Tradition
Empower Your Consultation With Red Envelopes

Before a Feng Shui expert imparts any mystical cure or sacred wisdom, custom dictates that the provider of transcendental Feng Shui solutions should receive nine red envelopes. The red envelope must contain money.

The ritual of the red envelopes operates on a number of levels.

Giving 9 red envelopes with both hands is the proper ritual after a Feng Shui walk through.  The money put in the envelope is not only symbolic but also represents the giver of the envelope, his/her intentions, shows respect for the tradition and appreciation for the value of the methods being shared.  

It allows us to connect with the thousands of years of success behind the Feng Shui principles and practices.  By going to the trouble of locating or making a red envelope and presenting it to a known expert, you are opening your mind and heart to the possibility that the expert can help you.

Supplies Needed:


Note: If you ever share Feng Shui Secrets with others, I highly suggest that you honor this tradition and ask for 9 red envelopes.